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The Ocean Renegade programme was born from a collaboration of design, construction, performance and ownership ideas between designer, builders, professional sailors and yacht owners.  The concept has been in the making for a number of years and includes many tried and tested industry elements, our own take on some brave ideas pioneered by others, as well as some new concepts and solutions that we have developed. The initial platform offering will be the Renegade 5 and Renegade 5GT at 50 feet (epoxy/eglass) and 52 feet (epoxy/carbon) LOA respectively. 


Performance was of course a key factor in the design process, this naturally begins with a light and stiff platform which requires accurately executed modern build techniques. Another (as important) factor is liveability and comfort, and this ultimately requires sufficient spare payload capacity to achieve. The challenge was then to create a completely new hull form that can be built light, but also has the ability to load to a higher deadweight displacement without suffering significant performance loss. 


Ocean Renegade partnered with Tony Grainger Designs as the lead design studio and has entered into a partnership with Northstar Multihull in Cape Town as the contracted builder, who have a track record of producing fast, light multihulls, most recently with non-traditional on board systems and equipment. 

The standard propulsion package will be the Oceanvolt Servoprop System.  Northstar fitted Oceanvolt systems to the last two catamarans they launched in 2017 so they are now well versed in Hybrid propulsion. In the coming weeks we will begin updating and populating this site with more information, specifications and package pricing as well as introducing the 3rd member of the family, a 52 foot long range powercat.         

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